Thank You

I noticed an uptick in page views earlier when I began to refine the piece I was writing about Stevie Wonder while listening to my slightly (very) warped vinyl copy of Talking Book. Checking stats led me to see that there was a high number of people clicking through from Roger Ebert’s magnificent blog, where I had posted a comment earlier.
I read Roger’s blog religiously, but I am not a commenter. His readership is so intelligent I tend to get anxious about sharing my opinion. Today I couldn’t help myself. When I returned after seeing the spike in activity. I saw that he had written a very lovely comment about my blog in his response.
Naturally, as he is a personal hero of mine, this caused me to go into a slightly unplanned nervous breakdown ( I usually plan my breakdowns to coincide with long weekends).
Roger Ebert is an incredibly generous man, we all know that. I’m just happy he thought that my little blog had something he liked. So I thank him for the kind words, and I thank his readers for at least giving a peek. I don’t expect them to stay. I’m just surprised they came at all to begin with.


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I clicked on the name link for your blog at Ebert’s thread on loneliness. Almost a year ago he did a post on me and my website. Once or twice a week I check out his threads.

    A depressing thread, but your blog made me think you might want to experience more of art and interact with intelligent folk more. If interested, contact me and I can introduce you to some people with intelligence and drive in the arts. I have readers all over the world- from the UK to Canada to Japan to Tibet.
    If interested, contact me.



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