Christmas Countdown: The Christmas Music List

I’m three days behind my daily list (love life). My kids and I have decorated our tree and began eating the chocolate out of the advent calendars. And the girls are listening to the Glee Christmas album with shrieks of delight.  So, I’m here to give the next three songs and catch up to the day. Yes, folks, it is a musical advent calendar for you.

First off, I would like to dedicate the next one to my lovely, charming BFF Jayme, who loves this song, as do I. There is no way this duet should have worked. But it does.

One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written melody composed by Adolphe Adam and the best know version is with the poetic lyrics of one John Sullivan Dwight. It’s a hymn that people love to sing but few can sing well. There is that note, after all, that only dogs and Celine Dion can hear. I went with my favourite version, by the legendary Nat “King” Cole.

Finally, a modern Christmas classic that just makes me smile. It’s terrible. Just terrible. But it is Bill Nighy.



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