Christmas Countdown: The Christmas Music List

Ah, Christmas. I love Christmas music.

Yeah, you don’t look all that shocked by that statement.

This year I’ll be playing you some of my favourite Christmas songs ever. Some of them reflect the only time I ever actually like going to Church was at Christmas, or that I love Slade, or that I really love the Pogues.

We will start with the U.K. christmas classic, with Noddy Holder and gang bringing us glam and poor spelling with “Merry Christmas Everybody”, the one time Noddy didn’t misspell something.

Glædelig jul!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: The Christmas Music List

  1. You know I love you, right? And I must love your lists since I badger you into doing them once you get an idea in your head. I have to say that I love love you for this one, and can’t wait to see what is on it.

    I don’t know if you were aware of it, but my favorite Christmas song is Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and my DH’s is The Waitresses ‘Christmas Wrapping’. Just a little Christmas trivia for you.


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