The Last of the Christmas Music List

In a few days, it’ll all be over and we can return to hating our fellow man instead of  pretending to get along.

So here are the last few Christmas songs, including my favourite. And what’s my favourite shouldn’t surprise a single reader. If it does, you aren’t paying attention.

First, some John Cale. Okay, it’s technically less a Christmas song than a whatever it is, but it’s John Cale. He’s better than you. He plays the viola. You don’t.

Next… I want one too.

Ladies and gentlemen, the legend herself, Miss Eartha Kitt, and that purr.

Thanks to Staples adverts, I now associate this song with the back to school sales. But it is a Christmas track.

The original- Darlene Love. U2 my ass.

This is one of my favourite Christmas tracks of all time- because I love beagles.

And finally- the single greatest Christmas track ever in the history of mankind. The Pogues. Kirsty MacColl. And a really bad day.



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