So Long, 2010- Hello 2011 and A Better Year

My TV season was a wash. I spent the better part of the last half of 2010 watching things from the UK simply because American TV SUCKS. Music was pretty uninspiring outside of maybe thirty albums I heard that didn’t make me want to top myself. And every books list is praising Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom like it’s the greatest thing EVER WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF MOVEABLE TYPE but in fact, they are wrong and Franzen is an overhyped twat who deserves an enema of 180 proof alcohol just because I imagine that hurts. That, and Emma Donoghue’s Room was the best book of 2010.

I might be taking out a year’s worth of frustration on Franzen.

I spent 2010 promising myself to stop smoking ( nope), stop drinking (nope), exercise more ( kinda), read more ( actually did that one), stop watching crappy TV ( did that as well, except moved on to different crappy TV, so- nope?), break up with Idol ( I did, I swear… oooooh, look, pretty new judges… shiny…), comment more on AV Club ( did that), and write at least half my novel ( massive, massive, MASSIVE FAIL). I remain as frustrated and cranky as I was on December 31, 2009. Essentially, I feel as though my 2010 was a complete waste. That just makes me crankier. It’s a vicious cycle.

There have been bright spots. Discovering Cambridge has a Commonwealth scholarship available and giving my eldest daughter the info so she can plot out her next five years was a highlight. The aforementioned Room. The music that I didn’t hate I loved, almost obsessively. I discovered Peep Show and the talents of Mitchell and Webb.  I kept Tweeting and gave up completely on Facebook, which crashed my computer. I might be the only person on the planet that hates Facebook. I mean- HATES. Irrationally hates. But hates none the less.

I have enjoyed the readers of my blog immensely, and my one resolution for 2011 is that I will try to post more.  Well, that and the usual quit smoking/drinking/eating crap food spiel that I know I won’t adhere to but I attempt to try to make me feel better for about two hours. I appreciate the lovely comments you have all made and the tweeps who keep reading here and commenting there- I really adore you.

Love and hugs,



One thought on “So Long, 2010- Hello 2011 and A Better Year

  1. If you weren’t frustrated and cranky, you wouldn’t be you.

    My favorite line? “I did, I swear… oooooh, look, pretty new judges… shiny…”

    Love you!


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