The Album List #12: The Ramones “Ramones”

Hey, ho, let's go.

Love is a mysterious thing. It strikes you down, consumes you, eats you from the inside out. When you just cannot take one more second of it…

You are never the same. You don’t want to go back, either. Life is better now.

I could go on about punk rock, three chords, Joey and Johnny, yada yada yada, but it’s all been said, it’s all been done.

I will say this:

If music is the love of my life, the Ramones are the seedy boy my parents hated in high school that I made out with under the trees by the college after drama class.

They should have never given me the keys to drive myself to those classes.

All hail the Ramones. May they live on forever in our hearts.



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