The Album List #7: Radiohead “OK Computer”

Genius is as genius does.

Radiohead went from being Britpop runner ups to unequivocal geniuses in three albums.

Talk about ambitious.

I love Pablo Honey and The Bends for being pretty fantastic Britpop records. But OK Computer is the death knell and cumulation of the entire scene. It is at turns tuneful and oblique. There isn’t anything as beautiful as “Fake Plastic Trees”, as guitar perfect as “Just”, or as creepy as “Creep”. What it is, though, is strong, melodic compositions using a Beatlesque sensibility to create adventure.

It has become one of the most analyzed and talked about albums of the last twenty years, frequently topping readers and critics polls around the world.  I could add to the noise, but I won’t. I’ll just say this:

It’s beautiful. It’s haunting. It’s magical. It is simply one of the greatest albums ever recorded.


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