Eurovision 2012: My Top Five

5. Germany

Another stripped down, simple song from Germany, this time sung by a really cute, baby-faced lad. A gentle ballad as opposed to Lena’s creepy cool or her bubbly quirk, it continues a strong series of songs from the nation.

4. Switzerland

The lead singer many be scarily manscaped, but Switzerland’s entry is a fantastic dance rock track.  It’s a genre growing in popularity in Eurovision entries. Catchy and unforgettable. Plus- love the accented vocals.

3. Slovenia

My BFF Nina even likes this song. After the last few years apologizing for the over the top Christina wannabe and that other thingy (forgettable…), The best of the 2012 pop ballads has a strong vocalist in Eva Boto (seriously, girl, strong pipes) and a song with an interesting melody that is bolstered by militaristic drumming and a soaring melody.

2. Hungary

I had a soft spot for Kati Wolf’s fantastic dance ditty from last year, and Hungary returns with a power ballad that tugs at the heart-strings. Even my cold, cynical muscle grew three sizes too big when I heard it.  Lovely.

1. Malta

I am a huge sucker for Eurotrash dance music, and this song is not only the best representation of that since Hadise got all “Dum Tek Tek”, it’s the best song Eurovision has this year. Infectious, celebratory, and dude, I need me some glow sticks stat.

DARK HORSEs: Iceland

I love it when we Scandinavians get all dark and stormy. I can never peg the Eurovision voters, either jury or televoting.  Does this odd little Icelandic song fit in this years music scheme, or will it get ditched? I hope it goes through, because it’s a great song with an interesting structure.


Because Jedward are an unstoppable force. Seriously, someone stop them. I beg you. Or at least give them Ritalin.


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