The Song List Supplemental: My Favourite Songs


This project is going to take the rest of my life, anyway. Might as well be spontaneous on occasion.

The only qualification is that I love the song. In some way, I must love the song.

Pretty simple, I guess.

So the first song is going to be one that makes me happy. If you read my blog much, you will know I am somewhat pessimistic and fatalistic.  Joy is not a state I am used to. So songs that make me smile and want to dance are rare and special.

I am not afraid of pop songs. Hipsterish music type who sneer at a good pop song are heartless bastards. I also have a soft spot for boy bands. Some might think this is hypocritical , considering my rants about the manufactured nature of the Sex Pistols. But bands like New Kids on the Block and Take That were never attempting to be anything but a manufactured pop vocal group. The cynicism of Malcolm McLaren and the four guys who ended up being a horrific example of capitalism exploiting an underground movement- that is the offensive part. Don’t pretend to be punk rock when you’re anything but.

This leads to one band, and only one band. There is no greater manufactured pop band that the Monkees.  I love the TV show, I love the singles, I even love Head.

There are many Monkees songs that make me smile, but there is no better pure pop masterpiece than “Daydream Believer”. It streams sunshine from every chord. Even with the slightly strained vocal from Davy Jones ( well, it was take 7A, as the famous pre-song opener stressed)., it just bounces along so chipper and bright that I can’t help but smile and dance and sing. I have been known to sing this song while doing the dishes, at top voice, slightly off-key.  My children hate me for it.

The fact is, if you want to snap me out of a funk, play me this song. Or let’s watch High Fidelity. Seriously, nothing in the world makes me happier, faster, than “Daydream Believer”.


One thought on “The Song List Supplemental: My Favourite Songs

  1. I love the Monkees too and Daydream Believer is awesome. I think I was in 5th grade when the TV show came on and of course I was in love with Davy Jones. What a shame that we had to lose him not so long ago. Their music will always hold a special place in my heart; taking me back to a more innocent time.

    I had Head and I loved it. 🙂


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