Polaris Short List 2012

Below, the short list for the 2012 Polaris Prize.

Overall, a strong list. Some albums that were considered shoo-ins were left off the list ( auf weidersehen, Leonard Cohen).

I am torn between the joyous JAPANDROIDS’ album, which is currently high up on my 2012 albums list; and my number 2 album from 2011, the brilliant song cycle David Comes To Life by 2009 Polaris winners Fucked Up. I’m leaning towards the latter, simply because it still blows my goddamned mind every time I hear it.

Probable winner is Drake, who is the Kanye of Canada with less ego and less genius, but still churns out pretty good albums. It’s the most recognised album on the list both nationally and abroad.  Feist certainly can play spoiler, but the real dark horse here is Grimes, who has garnered a huge indie following after her appearance at SXSW. Handsome Furs seems to be a social media favourite.

Cadence Weapon, “Hope In Dirt City”

Cold Specks, “I Predict A Graceful Expulsion”

Drake, “Take Care”

Kathleen Edwards, “Voyageur”

Feist, “Metals”

Fucked Up, “David Comes to Life”

Grimes ,”Visions”

Handsome Furs, “Sound Kapital”

JAPANDROIDS“.Celebration Rock”


9/24/12 UPDATE: If you can, you can watch the full gala uncut here.


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