The Song List Supplemental: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “If I Had A Gun”

First. I like Oasis. I consider them a lesser band than Blur or Pulp, but they were not so offensive as to put me off.

Second. I think Noel Gallagher is a far, far better singer than Liam. Noel’s post Oasis project proves it. This album almost made my 2011 list.

Third. I hate it when a song becomes all-encompassing of emotions you have and you realise that you are in fact in love with someone who does not love you back and… yeah. Then you spend hours and hours listening to this song over and over and sobbing. It’s that type of song.

I’m not as a rule a sentimentalist. In fact, I am a hardcore cynic. But like all cynics, I have a soft core. As earlier posts have established, I am not a rational human being. The love songs I love are atypical. They aren’t swoony gushfests. Because to me love is so very serious.

Noel gives me this song, a moody melodic tome of dark thought and desperate hope. From the title on through to the repeated line “And love would burn this city down for you”,  we are not soppy goofballs calling each other “schmoopy” and whatever. But the real line that gets me is the second chorus- “Sorry if I spoke to soon, my eyes have always followed you around the room, ’cause you’re the only God I will ever need, I’m holding on and waiting for the moment for my heart to be unbroken by the scene”. I begin to choke up and if I’m not careful, the tears come and then…

There is an incredible Neil Gaiman quote about love. It’s a long one from Sandman, written by a brilliant man who is never the less now happily married to pop provocateur and general hero of smart women everywhere Amanda Palmer. The quote basically goes on at length how he hate’s love as the vulnerability eats you alive from the inside out. Noel Gallagher wrote a song to match that quote.

And I am coming to the realisation that I will never love a person as much as I love music. Because music will never leave me, judge me, or break my heart.

God damn it.


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