Happy New Year!

Hello dear reader! Another year has flown by and I am pretty sure it was not as miserable as my mind made it out to be.  Despite the self-inflicted torture of unrequited love I have decided to mire myself in, I found happiness amidst the anguish. It was a fabulous year in music, and 2013 is looking to be as big, if Kevin Shields is to be believed. Is My Bloody Valentine really releasing an album in early 2013? I won’t believe it until I have it in my grubby little hands. Possibly after the 100th listen.

As always, I thank you for reading my humble little rants and raves. I know I have not been as prolific this year as I have in the past- I have been working on another project that I hope one day I will be able to share with you all. That is, if I don’t have a panic attack and end up drinking myself into a stupor. Either way, I will try to write more here next year, I promise. There is so much good music in this world, and I just love to share what makes my heart sing with you all.

So forgive the momentary plugs, and the fact that I am still mourning Rory and Amy, but excited for Clara.

Have a fantastic New Year. And as always- a song for you.


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