Soundtrack of My Life: “Bullfrogs And Butterflies” by Barry McGuire

I know my music taste is unique, but never anything but totally cool.

Yeah, my first album, and the one I played to absolute death, was Bullfrogs and Butterflies.

I am sure there are now people out there going “Huh?” Welcome, everyone, to the world of Christian Children’s Music! Before VeggieTales, you had former 60s one hit wonder anti-war hippie Barry McGuire writing songs about being born again!

As a children’s album it’s about what you’d expect- cheerful melodies that are simply structured but highly memorable and hummable. In terms of Christian message, it was all sunshine and lollipops and rainbows and Noah. It’s melodies still are in my head and occasionally I’ll burst into them, scaring my children to death in the process.

My fondness for this song and the album stays with me, after all this time and after many struggling and lost years. The sheer joy of this song gives hope even thirty-five years later.


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