Soundtrack of my Life: “Dedication” by Gowan

I had such a Canadian childhood.

Great Dirty World was one of the first albums I really, really, REALLY wanted. I got it for my tenth birthday, this little cassette tape of odd prog rock touches over strong melodies (classically trained pianists unite!). Gowan had a run of success in Canada during the  1980s into the early 90s. My ex and I saw Gowan in concert in late 1996/ early 1997 (Gwen was mere months old)- it was a club show in Red Deer. He played all the hits as well as some of his (then) new stuff. It was just him and a keyboard. Amahzing. I got a picture and an autograph. All in all, a win of a night.

“Dedication” is my favourite Gowan song.  It’s just such a pretty melody, and he is such an accomplished musician.  It speaks of loyalty and perseverance, devotion and love, a desire for something so strong that nothing will stop you from attaining it. It’s aspirational and inspirational.

Did I mention the keyboard work? The man can play…


I will always, always, have a soft spot for a man with a piano.


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