Soundtrack of my Life: “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

I remember having a conversation with a guy about Say Anything (my real favourite movie- well, tied with High Fidelity and Love, Actually). He ended up finally ranting and raving ( I don’t remember how it got there), but he finally just exploded.

“Fucking Lloyd Dobler ruined everything for us, man. Fucking EVERYTHING!”

Well, Lloyd Dobler is sweet and attentive and he doesn’t push Diane into sex it just sorta happens and he looks like John Cusack. Yeah, I can see why that guy was put off by the notion of Dobler being a romantic idea for a specific age bracket of girls.

Girls who were between the ages of twelve and eighteen in 1989.

The unintentional consequence of Say Anything is that it turned a lot of girls like me on to Peter Gabriel. Yes, having a man stand at my window boom box in hand, “In Your Eyes” playing loudly is a romantic fantasy of mine. You would get so very lucky if you did that. Gabriel up to that point was the guy with that weird video about sledgehammers. Forget about the Genesis years, I had no idea about “Biko” or “Solsbury Hill”. But I quickly learned, as I became a Peter Gabriel fan. And all because of a Cameron Crowe movie.

Fun fact: the commentary for the Say Anything dvd and the outtakes on that same DVD confirmed what I always thought- “In Your Eyes” was added in post-production. It was really a Fishbone song playing during the shoot. Either way, I would have jumped Lloyd Dobler. Possibly because he looks like John Cusack.


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