Soundtrack of my Life: “Red” by Treble Charger

Being a teenager in 1990s Canada was a different musical experience than you ever thought possible. Years of CANCON made people listen to Rush’s “Closer To The Heart” more than one should ever hear ( why didn’t my local radio station play”Tom Sawyer”?) and it also made Corey Hart a superstar for four years. The 1990s at least made us realize we had really good bands.

Treble Charger were a modestly successful indie band from the mid nineties who wrote some pretty songs on occasion. It was one of my favourite songs for a couple of years, and it was one of the first songs I bought when I set up my iTunes account. It’s a pretty, melancholic ballad and I listen to it when I need the sonics of a room to match the emotions I feel.

Basically, I’m putting it here to have you all listen to a song you might not have heard. I’m allowed. It’s my blog. This is about my favourites.


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