Soundtrack of my Life: “Song To the Siren” by Tim Buckley

The guy is essentially known now as Jeff Buckley’s junkie dad. That’s just so wrong. Anyone who has heard the incredible Starsailor album knows that.

This song is also now better known as a This Mortal Coil song. This Mortal Coil were music execs playing dreamy electropop, but “Song to the Siren” was essentially a one-off from Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser and Robin Guthrie under the guise of the band. It’s all very sketchy, although Liz Fraser’s voice is exquisite on the song ( the song itself holds up great under the circumstance). Buckley’s version, a lush folk version with electric reverb and his own unique timber, is in my eyes far superior. The song began on, of all places, The Monkees. Yes, it did. Don’t argue with me. I am a fan of both this song and The Monkees. You think I’m wrong? It’s also quite easily Googled. That’s right, sit back down and remind yourself that this is my blog and as such I am never wrong.

The original TV version was more typically folk based, with different lyrics that bordered on the absurd. He stepped away from it for years, only to return to it, a new and more devastating rendition unfolding. Considering Buckley’s untimely death at 28, and his son, who evoked his father unintentionally and intentionally in so many ways and seemed to be born from this dreamy melody, would also perish at the tender age of 30, it’s a bittersweet song to love.


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