Soundtrack of my Life: “Weightless Again” by the Handsome Family

I have tried to write about this song for a while now. I absolutely love it, but it spring from a darkness and it feeds my brain in its more painful and damaging days. The problem I have is that when my depression amps up, I favour songs that may make people question where I am and what I am thinking. I use these songs to try to understand myself.

I mean, this song has lyrics that openly state “This is why people OD on pills and jump from the Golden Gate Bridge”.  Brett and Rennie (the couple who are behind the criminally underrated gothic country folk of the Handsome Family) hold no punches on “Weightless Again”. It’s not a song you listen to lightly. The melody sounds like my brain trying to just get through the day, a slow echo of peaks and valleys, with ramblings of ideas and thoughts, punctured with moments of clarity and knowledge. My brain is not a fun place to be, and this song is somehow one of the things I can play for people to show them one aspect of being trapped in there.

The Handsome Family are currently experiencing an uptick in fame due to their “Far From Any Road” being used as the theme song of True Detective. Since the band trade on the tradition of murder ballads, I can’t think of a more apt theme song. I am just hoping that the rest of the band’s astonishing and lovely, if somewhat depressing and bloody, catalogue gets some love as well. I’d recommend this song as a starting point.