Alan Rickman- “There’s a voice inside you that tells you what you should do.”

The hits just keep on coming.

In my house, Snape is king, more so than any other Harry Potter character. Not just because he’s a misunderstood misfit. It’s because Alan Rickman played him, and Alan Rickman is this household’s favourite actor.

It goes beyond Snape, trust me. I still love Hans Gruber, with his Euro charm and delightful arrogant evilness. There’s his Colonel Brandon, so proper and stoic while nursing a shattered heart. The sad and idiotic Harry, who is married to Emma Thompson and should have really known better. The horrific judge who drove a husband and wife crazy and stole their daughter. CBGB’s founder Hilly Kristal and former president Ronald Reagan are both on his CV. He was the best thing in a terrible film version of Hitchhiker’s Guide, where the voice of Marvin is exactly like it was meant to be voiced.

But I must mention my two absolute favourite Rickman roles here. Both are 1999 comedies. The first mocks my faith (sorta), the second mocks my religion (sorta). But fortunately I am blessed with a sense of humour and a sense of perspective. So I don’t care what others think.

The first is the wonderful and overlooked Galaxy Quest,  where Rickman plays Alexander Dane, the classically trained stage actor who is sadly only known as Dr. Lazarus,  the alien being on the show. He’s brilliantly funny as the anxiety driven actor who comes to terms with his legendary character.

But even funnier is his turn in Kevin Smith’s blasphemous Dogma, playing the Metatron.  He’s the voice of God (literally), but he’s still down for some tequila and some flames.  Love every minute of his performance in this movie.

I am also going to point to his great cameo in the video for Texas’s fantastic single “In Demand”. A tango by the petrol pumps. Sexy.

But most of all, that voice. That rich, smooth, deliberate voice.  Instantly recognizable, and often imitated, it is a legendary voice. It’s now silenced. And how truly sad that is.


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