ALBUM REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine “mbv”

My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 seminal master work Loveless  is one of my all time favourite albums. The ultimate album of a new genre, the apex of the shoegaze scene, MBV’s second album was exciting and fresh, ground breaking and fearless, even if it was rumoured to almost bankrupt the Creation label. We fans of the British … More ALBUM REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine “mbv”

Happy New Year!

Hello dear reader! Another year has flown by and I am pretty sure it was not as miserable as my mind made it out to be.  Despite the self-inflicted torture of unrequited love I have decided to mire myself in, I found happiness amidst the anguish. It was a fabulous year in music, and 2013 … More Happy New Year!

The Album List #18: My Bloody Valentine “Loveless”

Rock history is littered with perfectionist geniuses. Brian Wilson comes to mind immediately. But Kevin Shields, the mastermind behind My Bloody Valentine, holds a special place in the hearts and minds of music fans.  Because he nearly ended Alan McGee. McGee founded Creation Records. A crucial label in 1980s Brit indie music, he signed MBV … More The Album List #18: My Bloody Valentine “Loveless”