Soundtrack of my Life: “Goodbye To You” by Michelle Branch

When you love someone set them free.

Over two years ago I met the most amazing person. I rarely meet people I can tolerate for longer than thirty seconds, so the fact I liked this person was a miracle unto itself.


I fell in love with him, breaking every single rule I set up for myself. He never felt the same. I knew he didn’t. But I stupidly one night during a manic episode told him. Never trust yourself when you’re manic, and keep your phone locked away. Needless to say since then I’ve been in a lot of pain, desperately trying to stamp down how I feel while trying to be his friend as he asked.

Turns out I really can’t do that. I’m tearing myself apart. It’s not fair to him. It’s not fair to myself.

Surprisingly, there are not a lot of songs about this particular subject, and even fewer about trying to say goodbye. The one I did find is a song I fortunately always liked. In fact, I think Michelle Branch is freaking fantastic and I wish she released more music.

I doubt he will ever read this, though he knows this site exists.


Please forgive me.

Go in peace, and know that someone in this universe thinks you are wonderful and loves you for all that your were to her.

Sorry I can’t be what you want and need.